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06-07-2014 “Your imaginary friend (stay away from the light Carole-ann ) ” (By Isa)

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I haven’t been on here in so long! So here’s a little update.

I finished uni, got my results, got a 2:1 overall which I’m over the moon about! I’ve managed to get a job in a school that I start in September, and at the weekend we celebrated Jack’s 21st with a BBQ. All in all, everything is pretty wonderful at the moment. 

I think this picture represents true love perfectly.

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Natalie Dormer

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100 words for my essay is enough for a days work right? (actually it’s only 99). I think it’s time to give up and lay on the floor for the rest of the night.

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So close to finishing my degree and I’m laying in bed watching The Little Mermaid, what is life.

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Aurora and Woody.

Best 21st birthday party I could have asked for!

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I’ve finally just finished my Sleeping Beauty costume for Saturday. My 21st is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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